Aquent Gymnasium

Vitamin T, A Division of Aquent.

Aquent's Vitamin T division was created to exclusively meet the unique needs of ad agencies, mid-sized companies and the digital creatives we all love.

  • What we do
  • We spend our time connecting the best digital creatives in the industry. Sounds like a pretty sweet job, huh? We think so. Even better for you, we’ve been doing this for over 25 years as part of Aquent, so our talent network is unparalleled. We’re proud to say that we personally meet our candidates, have proprietary hands-on assessments, and are great at digging down to what our talent can do – and what they want to do – so that we can make the perfect match for our clients.

    In a nutshell, Vitamin T provides carefully screened freelance designers, developers and copywriters on a freelance and Talent Bridge basis. Sometimes we also provide cookies and milk, just when you need them. (Milk not available in all states and provinces.) Why two brands? We think two is better than one!
  • Who we work with
  • Our clients include mid-sized, design-minded businesses and
    advertising agencies. In fact we’re the only creative talent
    agency who chooses specifically (and exclusively) to work
    with these awesome clients. Sure, that means we need to
    know the absolute best
    creatives in the market
    – and provide them
    instantaneously, since
    that’s how fast our clients
    need them. But hey, we’re
    gluttons for punishment,
    and there’s nothing we
    won’t do to help make the world a better place through design.

    (If you just read that client part and said, "Heck, that’s me," you may not even need to read the rest of this. You don't have time to waste. Click here and we'll get the ball rolling.)
  • Where we are
  • We are local. Intentionally. Over 90% of our placements are onsite at our clients. So our agents focus on their local markets and know all the top talent. We make personal connections with clients and talent by (gasp) actually meeting them. Find your closest market and get connected.
  • Why we do it
  • We have one simple philosophy at Vitamin T: To personally place the best creative talent in the best jobs for the best mid-sized companies and ad agencies. Oh yeah, and to not eat lunch at our desks over our keyboards. (Which is not really two philosophies since we rarely observe the latter.)

    Honestly, we love creatives and live to connect them. Want to know more about why we’re so passionate about what we do? Click here to meet our President. Virtually, of course. Though if you prefer live chat, you can find her here.
  • How we're different
  • Vitamin T isn’t some faceless, computer-driven online staffing engine.

  • Like everyone else we love algorithms, but let's get serious. It's one thing to suggest a book for your summer read, but another thing to let a database choose your company's next Creative Director. Let's not even get into the Next Day Priority shipping costs for a Creative Director, either.

    Here’s what makes us different:
    • Exclusive focus on mid-market and agency
      customers, so we know what you need
      (and how fast you need it)
    • Exclusive focus on temp and
      temp-to-perm placements.
    • Personally screened candidates for
      every position. And while you’re in
      between positions, we recruit and retain
      the hottest talent in the industry, so they’re ready when you need them
    • 110% guarantee on all placements. Enough said.
    • 25 years of creative staffing experience and a premier network of talent through our parent company, Aquent – the world’s leading marketing and design staffing agency.
    • Commitment to educating the creative community by offering free online courses through Aquent Gymnasium.
    • Our partnerships with AIGA, An Event Apart, FITC, The Webby Awards and UIE give us incredible reach into the creative community.
    • Cookies and milk. (We just had to bring that up again, didn't we?)
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